Order Stickers

Here you can see the 20’s Plenty stickers which are available FREE to Worthing residents:

Bike stickers (100mm x 35mm surface mount) FREE!!
Car bumper stickers (200mm x 70mm surface mount) FREE!!
Car window stickers (200mm x 70mm inside window) FREE!!
Wheelie bin (A3 portrait surface mount) FREE!!
20 mph roundel (100mm x 100mm surface mount) FREE!!

If you live in Worthing and would like some, please email us at 20splentyforworthing@gmail.com with the following details:
1) Which sticker type you would like
2) How many
3) The address where you would like them delivered
….and we will drop them round as soon as we can.

PLEASE NOTE: Free stickers are only available to residents of Worthing. If you live elsewhere, you can still obtain 20’s Plenty stickers through this webpage: http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/posters_and_documents.htm#20’s Plenty_Where_People_Live_Stickers

Thank you.

20's Plenty Sticker (small)20’s Plenty Sticker (small)
Wheelie bin stickerWheelie bin sticker
20 mph roundel: (10 cm x 10 cm)20 mph roundel: (10 cm x 10 cm)