ACT NOW to save 20's Plenty

A journalist working for the Worthing Herald and a Borough Councillor who supports 20’s Plenty are both in touch with the internal politics going on in Worthing. Here’s a summary of what they said:

Some members of Worthing CLC want to cancel all plans for a public consultation, deny the public the chance to even express their views on 20’s Plenty, and instead spend £1 million on new paving slabs for Montague Street, leaving no funds for 20 mph limits.

If this happens it will effectively end all hope of getting 20 mph limits on residential streets in Worthing for years, but YOU CAN CHANGE THIS:


1. JOIN THE PROTEST ahead of the CLC meeting on Wed 4 September – meet at 6.30pm at Heene Road Community Centre, Worthing, BN11 4PL.
(PLEASE email to let us know you are attending)

2. Attend the CLC meeting itself (it starts at 7pm) and ask questions and make your views known.

3. Email ALL the CLC members to let them know your views (cc’d to Just copy and past the names and email addresses below into the ‘To’ field of a new email:

From speaking to people on the street and knocking on people’s doors, we find 70-80% of people support 20 mph limits, but Councillors are not listening to them!

Your action is the only thing that will save 20’s Plenty,