20's Plenty for Worthing could save £2million

20mph limits could save Worthing £2 million a year, but would cost taxpayers nothing!

20mph speed limit trials elsewhere have reduced the numbers of road collisions. This saves costs for the Police, the Ambulance service, the Fire and Rescue service, the NHS, and Highways Maintenance – all of which are funded by taxpayers. In Warrington for instance the savings outweighed the costs of implementing the limits by eight times in the first year alone.

On Worthing’s roads, on average, 2 people are killed and 267 injured, 36 of them seriously, every year. If the Worthing scheme achieves the same overall casualty reductions as the 20mph limits in Portsmouth, then the total savings would be £2 million every year.

A 20’s Plenty scheme would cost about £245,000 and would be funded from money which must be used for sustainable transport projects and has already been received by the council (Section 106 money from developers) so it would not cost Worthing tax payers a penny.

In the last five years, more than two-thirds of those killed or seriously injured on Worthing’s roads were pedestrians and cyclists and 83% of those have been in 30mph limits. Hit at 30mph you are seven times more likely to be killed than at 20mph. Over 200 motorists a year are also injured in Worthing and in Portsmouth some of the biggest reductions in casualties were for drivers and their passengers.