The cost

West Sussex County Council has said their current proposal for 20 mph limits on residential streets across Worthing would cost £350,000.

The money would come from Transport Section 106 Developer Funds which Worthing Borough Council already holds. This is money obtained from property developers to be used solely for transport schemes. These funds are typically used to improve road safety and promote more sustainable transport – exactly what 20’s Plenty aims to do.

£350,000 may sound a lot of money, but that would only pay for about six pedestrian crossings or the installation of traffic lights at two junctions.

OR improved safety on about 900 residential roads in Worthing with 20 mph limits, benefiting almost all the households in Worthing.

On average on Worthing’s roads there is at least one death every year and over 280 injuries, over 30 of them serious. According to the Department for Transport the total cost of this is approximately £15 million every year.

If 20 mph limits reduce this by just 3 % then the scheme would have paid for itself in less than one year, with the safety benefits in subsequent years being free!

Councillors have agreed that the scheme should only go ahead if there is ‘majority public support’. The public consultation is to establish if this is the case. If the same approach as Chichester is used, this will consist of a reply paid questionnaire being sent to every household in Worthing so that everyone has their say.

The evidence

Costs are detailed in the report to the CLC which can be found here (see paragraphs 2.1.2 and 2.1.3)

Department for Transport valuation of deaths and injuries can be found here